We Eat, Breathe, And Live Scrum Life — Our Software Development Process Strictly Follows The Agile Frameworkc

Discovery and Requirements

We approach every client’s project with the same, tactical strategy. We begin Mobile App development by analyzing the client requirements to discover the value propositions. We first meet with you to understand your business goals. Then, we write a detailed technical requirements report and receive your feedback. In this report, we will consider and address all technical issues, while offering multiple alternative options. This helps make your decisions faster and easier.

After our initial meeting, we will curate the high-level requirements and provide a quote on the cost of the development services.

Visual Design Phase

Once the client finalizes requirements, we provide design mockups to clarify the product further and provide a visual design of the product.

GleeTech will provide 2-3 options concerning the color scheme and layouts of the design to get your feedback, unless a preference is outlined in the earlier requirement stage. Once we receive your feedback on the mockups, we develop the user interface and discuss the user experience of the product.


Immediately we get feedback from the client; we start the development process.

After receiving the feedback from the client, we immediately begin the development process. This process initially focuses on a backend/DB of the product, producing the initial prototype. This prototype typically takes 1-2 weeks of development work and it integrates the user interface. Then, we ask you for your feedback on the initial prototype.

Quality Assurance

Because we are committed to delivering the highest quality products for our clients, we provide a dedicated Quality Assurance process that strengthens the quality of the code and reduces the bugs in the system. Part of this process is writing different use cases of the products and discussing the business rules of the products. Every release/outcome of the development process is tested against all of these cases to ensure that the product is aligned with all of the business rules.

Launch and Support

Our launch approach is specific, including an Alpha Release, Beta Release, Public Beta Release, and finally, a Public Release. First, we build the MVP in approximately three months, then scale it into a scalable product. Because we know launching tech products can be tedious, we provide cloud services and manage all server related issues with our clients and partners. In addition, all of our services come with 12 months of free support and minor app updates.

Agile Framework

Our GleeTech team is comprised of Agile Certified Practitioners and we strictly follow Scrum for software development. By following this strategic approach to project management, we are able to maximize our efficiency for our clients. We iteratively build products from initial prototypes and planning sprints. On each team, we have a Scrum Master who is responsible for coordinating with the clients and managing the development tasks. Throughout the product development, our clients play an integral role. We work with the client at every stage to stay on track and fulfill the criteria of the project.