AI/Machine Learning

“Artificial Intelligence will transform every industry in the next several years” – Andrew Ng

AI/Machine Learning

Stay ahead of your competition and keep up with tech trends, GleeTech can help. We take our software and incorporate intelligent and smart solutions based on AI/Machine Learning algorithms.

Whether simple or complex software, the usage of recommendation systems, prediction, and analytics are becoming increasingly prevalent. Eventually, machine-learning algorithms will become a core part of almost all digital products.

GleeTech machine learning solutions:

  • ChatBots
  • Survey/FeedBack Analysis
  • Sentiment/Emotion Detection (Text/Image/Video)
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Face/Object Recognition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Customer Behavior Modeling/Segmentation
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Analysis and Data Science