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GleeTech is not a company, but it's more like "friends working together". We love building strong relationships by partnering with startups and enterprises. We provide flexible options for dedicated resources and invest in ideas that can make this world a better place. We take special care of all IP, confidentiality and security concerns of our partners and prospects. Our primary focus is to reduce the development cost and build high-quality products. We work side by side with our partners and help them in the construction of MVP and then scaling the products to a sustainable business. Our Partners enjoy the following benefits:

Flexible options for dedicated resources having working experience of 12 years in industry

The experienced team, with open source solutions, saves time and money

History of high achievements in developing successful businesses from SaaS-based products

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Our "Top Notch" team consists of PhDs

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Big Data Analytics for Your Business

Big data analysis help to analyze large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other positions.

We put simplicity in using Big Data Analytics for your business and provide you with beautiful visualization which can help in understanding your business more clearly.

When your business starts growing, your company data starts growing in regard to Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Value. The growth of data will eventually make it harder for you to analyze all the information and take decision in a split of a second.

Using BigData Analytics, we help companies to reduce their cost, make efficient and faster decision and grow their business by providing customer insights and discovering new opportunities.

Use big data analytics to grow your business

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