Why People Choose Us?

We understand that choosing the right technology partner is not always easy. With GleeTech, the choice is simple. We build long lasting relationships with our clients on the foundation of trust and transparency.

With every client, we take the same one-on- one approach which allows us to create value for our clients, achieving better results and providing smart solutions to complex problems. Our team works to address all IP, confidentiality, and security concerns of our clients. We are more than just another tech service, we are your partner in developing intelligent solutions for end users.

We provide rapid prototypes, MVP and highly scalable commercial solutions. Our Partners enjoy the following benefits:

100+ years of collective experience to form strong strategy.

Agile practices to deliver better results.

Broad spectrum of technical skills to avoid technical issues.

AI/Machine learning experts to make smarter solutions.

Fast and low cost prototyping for testing ideas to save time and money.

Flexible options for working together to suit your working style.

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Big Data Analytics for Your Business

Uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other business accelerating statistics with BigData Analytics.

We make BigData Analytics simple. GleeTech uses beautiful visualizations that make analyzing data and understanding your business easier than ever.

Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Value -- these are four areas where you will see your data grow as your business grows. Though you will experience value and variety in your data growth, the volume and velocity growth make analyzing the information and making accurate decisions challenging.

Are you ready to grow your business with BigData Analytics? GleeTech is here to help you make better decisions and reduce your costs with customer insights and access to new business opportunities.

Unlock your full potential and profits with BigData Analytics The Data Scientists at GleeTech give you the insight you need


Use big data analytics to grow your business

Our Data Scientists can sort you out

Optimal Client Satisfaction

Do not just take our word for it -- GleeTech delivers optimal satisfaction, as demonstrated by our satisfied clients from around the world.

GleeTech differentiates from others by using a client-focused approach to business. Focusing on our customers’ needs, we have been able to build a strong customer base. Your success is our success. With this in mind, we operate an all-inclusive strategy that gets our clients involved at every level of development until their business needs are satisfied.

GleeTech leverages the unique capabilities of every one of our web application experts to deliver real and measurable value to our customers.


  • I have been working closely with GleeTech for a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. GleeTech team consist of highly capable developers. They can communicate ideas and technical issues clearly in plain English. I have been particularly impressed with the creativity and the innovative ideas for making a better product, and initiatives to quickly solve the problems that we encounter.
    Milne Riley
    Director CoconutHQ
  • GleeTech got on with the job and worked very efficiently. Great communication throughout, exceeding expectations. Highly recommended
    Carl Pavletich
    Director Fabriko Limited